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Hi, I’m Ben!

I’m the founder, creative, and seamster behind Jeanius Jackets. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with playing sports and collecting jerseys and apparel. And how could I not? I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the best sports towns in the world. As my collection of jerseys and apparel grew over the years, it left me wanting something more unique than I was seeing in stores.

I always admired the fans who wore unique handmade jerseys and jackets to sports events. When it’s so cool you just have to ask where they got it and they reply, “I made it!”

I knew that was my calling. So in December 2020 – during the pandemic with more time on my hands after work than I knew what to do with – I bought a sewing machine to further explore my passion.

To me, there’s nothing like a well-stitched jersey with stacked layers of twill and that professional zig-zag stitching that I’d grown so familiar with on all my favorite jerseys. At first, I started with sewing names and numbers onto blank hockey and baseball jerseys for myself, friends, family, and even our dogs. Then I explored custom sweatshirts, t-shirts, and polos before landing on the sweet spot: jackets.

I founded Jeanius Jackets in early 2022 with the purpose of sharing my obsession for professionally-stitched unique lifestyle apparel that’s one-of-a-kind, just like you! Every piece is a wearable piece of art completely made to order so you can stand out from the crowd anywhere you go. I love creating and selling my pieces of art to fans all over the world. It gives me an opportunity to meet amazing people who share my passion and collaborate togother to create some truly beautiful products. I don’t just want to meet your expectations, I plan to exceed them.

So without further adieu, welcome to Jeanius Jackets. Thank you for visiting the shop and I cannot wait to create something special with you.

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